Version 0.08

What is new?
* Message Dialog system
* Beginn of a new camapign
* One new unit
* One new scenario (explore the world)
* The ship can embark & disembark units
* Endless game allowed some victory settings

* Dialog window works better
* The games show in the scenario settings, if you won a map
* Fixed a caluclation with the building time
* If you do not have a town your units can move.
* Produce Action use action points as base.
* Fixed a display bug in the lexicon
* Hide unnessary save games
* More notifications
* Better error screen and call it fewer.
* Close menu offer an option for saving
* Fixed scaling bug on android on start.

Important Note
Since I am very busy with work, this update took a long time. At the same time, an idea for a new game was born, which does not exist yet. Qossire exist in the way quite a few times. For this reason, there will be no new version for the next time.