Version 0.05

What is new?

  • You can name your Town at the town hall
  • Some units can produce stone, wood and food
  • Icons scaling working better
  • You see the winter ingame 🙂
  • A new Building to exchange your storage.
  • You can create your own game (very limited at the moment).
  • Some more Sounds
  • You can upgrade the farm, if you had research it 😉
  • A new 2. Tutorial.
  • Added a option for feedback and a welcome message 🙂
  • And lots more 😉


  • With Double Click you can select a new Scenario
  • Removed some unnessary options from the 1. scenario
  • Some more buttons has the keycode back.
  • Destroying working better, but need more refixing
  • The scale of the gui work better.
  • The maps look a litte smoother
  • And lot’s more 😉